Do you want indecent education? Travel frequently

Do you want indecent education? Travel frequently

Whether you are an adventurous traveler who dares mountains and walks through jungles or if you are a lover of creatures who live for five-star hotels, the trip will teach you some of the wonderful lessons of life. It does not matter if you are born a beach bum or are a kind of enthusiastic journey will enrich your life.

Whether you prefer to travel in groups or go alone, if you are a planner or spontaneous, your life will benefit from traveling away from what you know. You do not have to go far, you may or may not cross oceans, take a plane, train or car. The important thing is that you explore the outside of your community.

What will you discover?

Look at the familiar through new eyes: Traveling to a place you feel well with someone who has never been there before. On a trip to Pittsburgh, where I grew up, my niece and her boyfriend showed me a city full of unique and charming old towns, museums dedicated to things like ketchup, Andy Warhol and the birth of the labor movement. I also saw that the view of the three rivers from Mount Washington is as beautiful as all major cities.

We are small: Walk through the woods in California or walk through Rocky Mountain National Park and you will discover how small we are.

There are more similarities than differences: Standing on the beach in Nova Scotia, Canada and then the British coast in France, you will notice the similarities of the landscape and the people even though these two places are separated by an ocean.

You may be someone else: I have had people think I was Dutch in Lucca, Italy and Quito Ecuador, French in Venice and German in Rome. In fact, the only place people know absolutely that Im American is in Canada. Its fun to play together and see where it takes you.

Food can be part of your adventure: You will find that sweet food is not always good and ugly food is not always bad. Its not the wine thats important. Its the new and old friends you share with whats important.

You can be happier if you go out on your own: If you are traveling with a group you do not have to do all that your companions do. Some people have a great capacity for art museums, others prefer churches and others can go for miles without a break. After spending a week in France on buildings constructed by the architect Corbusier, I finally rented a car and went to San Tropez. Everyone was happier after that.

Rain is also beautiful: the sun does not need to shine to make a place beautiful; Standing in the rain in a rainforest is as beautiful as sitting in the sun in Portofino.

Beauty is all around you, just look and see: Treat yourself to the colors of the New Mexico landscape and the lack of contrast between water, ice and landscapes on a cloudy day in Newfoundland.

New York City is not the United States, Paris is not France: You learn not to judge a country in a city - New York City is not representative of the United States and Paris is not representative of France.

Old is a mood: In some countries, old people are measured for thousands of years in other countries, measured for hundreds of years. In people, old is a mood, if you are young, look around you with older travelers walking the same strings as you only with a stick and goose sticks often with a smile on your face.

When the disaster strikes: Traveling feeling empathy when the disaster meets. How many people cried after Hurricane Katrina remembered the people they met in New Orleans or Biloxi? Tourism helped to revive the economy in Southeast Asia after the tsunami fights in 2004.

Imagine: Take a break and imagine how everyday it is like at the place you visit, and then think about how it was a hundred years ago or a thousand years ago.

If someone asks you to sing that sing !: Step outside your comfort zone, try to speak the language if people sing to join.

Smiles translate: If you are hesitant to smile, they mean the same in all languages. Chances are you will be rewarded with a smile in return.

No number of reading books, watching TV or listening to music can replace the experience of getting up on the couch and watching everything for yourself. You will never see the world again in the same way.

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